The Hidden Mysteries of Love – MP4

Hebrews 11:1-3

Faith is beyond just getting healed.

The depths of God are immeasurable, we just need to be willing to dive into them.
One of the signs that you are growing in the spirit is by never entering spiritual complacency, rather, exerting fresh glory from diving deeper into God’s depths.

Our Heavenly Father Has granted us access into other realms.

Faith is not limited to material acquisition, you can have faith to grow spiritually in order to manifest the power of God physically.
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Everything God created in the heavens has a counterfeit in the underworld created by Satan. When you think you are walking in love you might actually be walking in lust.
Love has nothing to do with emotions.
Emotions are wavering and cannot be the foundation of anything that exists in the long term.
It is important that we reflect that which we preach to the world.
“How can we bring the world to righteousness when we are barely different from them?”
One of the ways to win over the world is by being an example that they can look up to; being a solution to their problems because our foundation is the unfailing word of God.